Roadshow 2014


Saturday, the midget, her friend who will from now on be known as The Immovable Force, and I went to a rock concert.

To be specific the Roadshow which featured We As Human, The Neverclaim, Royal Tailor, Soul Fire Revolution, Andy Mineo, Third Day and Skillet.

Because we didn’t buy our tickets together we didn’t get seats together, so the three of us texted amongst each other to share comments. Besides it would have been too loud to talk. Like seriously, I was having trouble hearing for a few minutes after we got out.

It was a new experience for all of us, I had been to a couple concerts before, but never a hard rock, ‘headbanger’ concert. It was worth going just to hear Third Day and Skillet, and with the exception of Andy Mineo, I enjoyed all the artists. I decided however, that I like We As Human better on cd.

In the four hours of the pulsating lights, blasting music, and theatrics on stage here is the biggest thing I came away with: all these artists played very different kinds of music and yet each of them were clearly focused on honoring God. Not being a rock star (though, We As Human certainly looked like rock star in training). And even the music that I didn’t care for it,to me it is always exciting to see people worshipping God with their talents. Whatever that may be.