A Picture Summary

The last few months of last year I was pretty much in survival mode. Here are the highlights of that time:

2015-08-22 12.01.45smaller

Near the end of September, my grammy went to to be with the Lord. She was 90 years old, and I will forever be grateful that her decline, while it was a hell week, was only a week. This picture was taken just a couple weeks prior. I don’t think I’ll ever come to a stage where I don’t miss her.

2015-10-11 10.52.39smaller

For my 30th birthday weekend the Courtneys came out, and we conquered corn mazes and it was a great time with friends.

2015-10-12 13.56.29smaller

…And my big ‘finale’ to 30 before 30: going on the seaplane.

Shortly after the midget moved to Colorado to start new adventures. Which I could have sworn I had an artsy picture of packed boxes but apparently I do not. Also I got to meet my dear friend’s new baby in November, who is the most expressive little guy I’ve ever seen.

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Dragonspell 10 Year Anniversary


A little under a decade ago, a friend of mine contacted me and said “Read this book. You’ll like it.” We all have that friend who when they recommend something, you just say “ok” because they are right 99% of the time over what you’ll like. That’s this friend. So next time I was out at Barnes & Noble I picked up the book.

There is no way any of us could have known what an influence that little book would have made in our lives. Almost ten years later, both my friend, the midget and I have met the author, and the midget works for her. I could write a novella on the events that have happened that are directly related to picking up this book.

Ten years ago Dragonspell by Donita K Paul hit bookshelves, and ten years later Donita K Paul is still writing fantasy stories that make you sit in awe at the imagination on the pages. If you like dragons, fantasy, good stories, great characters, and the most adorable dragons in fiction: pick up these books. You are never too old for a good adventure.

To celebrate the ten year anniversary of Dragonspell there is a giveaway at the official blog:

Dragon Bloggin: DragonSpell 10 Year Anniversary

She has a new sci/fi fantasy book coming out at the end of the month that I pre-ordered and can hardly wait to arrive. (I may have spent time this weekend figuring out how to rearrange by one bookshelf so it would fit.) See the above link for more information.

Three Things

1. New article up on 412teens: What is Repentance?


2. The midget is hilarious. I received the following text while she was out shopping for waterproof boots:

“OH MY GOSH. I AM A WOMAN AND WANT PRACTICAL BOOTS. IS THIS SO HARD!? I do not have a man to carry me across a snowbank, so give me something THAT WON’T LEAK.”

….The midget was not amused at the selection of boots she was finding.

3. In one week we’ll be in line to see THIS:


Oh the horror

“It’s October…Which means slasher flicks, vampires, satanic cults, zombies, giant worms, cabins in the woods, stupid, frisky teenagers, lots of screaming and an unrealistic amount of blood that no human body could actually contain.” -The Midget

My sister over at Inevitably Revised is starting a new series on horror. Being ‘big sister’, I remember when she wouldn’t watch LotR all the way through because it had decapitated heads, now she has become quite the horror fan, and as she does with most things has turned an interest into a fine tuned passion. With this series she means to delve into the horror genre and what exactly ‘horror’ can mean.

“The point of fiction should be to stretch your thinking, and to come up with more questions to find more Biblical answers to and strengthen your faith. Each time you read a story, you are reading someone’s worldview from their heart. This applies to horror as well.” – The Midget

While my personal tastes tend to the most ‘horrific’ horror movie I like is The Mummy or World War Z, I have been learning to appreciate this genre more through her interest. There are good stories to be found here, even amongst some movies which will find me slipping my glasses off for some of the scarier scenes.