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Seriously, who made this? Ah, it is one of my favorite finds of the last couple weeks.


Desolation of Smaug: Review



If your Facebook feed is anything like mine, it has exploded with very opinionated thoughts on this movie. I’ll be keeping spoilers very clearly marked in this review.

Desolation of Smaug I would say is the least like the book of any of Jackson’s Middle Earth movies. I am by no means a book purist, but this movie had me going, ‘why?’. Primarly because the scenes that were lifted from the book were so incredibly well done. Even the harshest critics, that I’ve heard, sing the praises of the perfection that is Bilbo meeting Smaug. And Smaug? This is 2013, we’re fantasy and science fiction fans- we’ve seen alot of dragons. Smaug blows them all away. Smaug is magnificent.

The spiders in Mirkwood were terrifying. That scene was also amazing– and may give me nightmare at some point in time.

…And then we have Laketown. I would rather forget that whole part of the movie exists, it felt like they were trying to make the movie more dramatic! And higher the stakes! You have a fire breathing dragon and Sauron threatening to rise…aren’t the stakes high enough?

It felt like they were trying to throw all these extra storylines in which left me asking why?

The biggest lacking in this movie is there is very little Bilbo. Sure, he’s there, but he’s background character for most of the movie. What makes the first Hobbit movie so good is Martin Freeman’s portrayal of Bilbo, Desolation of Smaug would be a better movie with more focus on Bilbo.

I have a theory. Maybe it’s a hope. I think that next year when the inevitable extended edition comes out, the plot lines will be filled out and make more sense and be less jarring. Or so that’s my hope. A friend described this movie as high budget fan fiction. That is so accurate, this movie would have been better called ‘The Hobbit: Vaguely Inspired by the Book’.

I want to see it again, to see if a second viewing will make the crazy changes seem to flow better…and to see Smaug on the big screen again.








Tauriel. I liked her. I thought she was a good character. The romance with Kili? Really? I wasn’t buying it. And why? The logic behind this move by Jackson is lost on me. When she’s healing him and the glow, I didn’t start laughing but I thought about.

Laketown. Oh Laketown. Ahh…I get it, you want to make Bard more important, but this whole part of the movie just had me shaking my head.

Midnight Hobbit

When we say that not even snow was going to stop us from seeing Desolation of Smaug at midnight….we didn’t expect that to be put to the test. We are hardy geeks (and prepared from last year) so even though it snowed the *entire time* we were standing in line (and Regal for reasons unknown to any of us did not let the line wait inside) we made the best of it:



Umbrella to keep the snow off of books. Jesse later on had mini speakers perched in his gloves on his belt playing LOTR soundtrack. We took turns actually standing in line in the snow and standing under the ledge next to Coldstone. Death Lady was preparing, knitting her way through the wait, and Naomi was also reading. We had more of our party who had never been to madness that is a midnight showing and was a good sport- but once was enough for him!

We only got there three hours before midnight, but that was enough to get good seats, even though we all couldn’t sit together. Our audience was treated to a man proposing to his girlfriend and another person announce right before the movie started, ‘I waited 11 Hours for this!’

(I’ll be posting my thoughts on the movie in tomorrow’s post.)

To finish off our Hobbit weekend we went to a late brunch at Denny’s on Friday for their Hobbit menu. Which really, if you are at all a fan, go to Denny’s and check it out. It was great fun last year, and equally fun this year.


Three Things

1. New article up on 412teens: What is Repentance?


2. The midget is hilarious. I received the following text while she was out shopping for waterproof boots:

“OH MY GOSH. I AM A WOMAN AND WANT PRACTICAL BOOTS. IS THIS SO HARD!? I do not have a man to carry me across a snowbank, so give me something THAT WON’T LEAK.”

….The midget was not amused at the selection of boots she was finding.

3. In one week we’ll be in line to see THIS:


In Which I Almost Exploded in Excitement

To watch the trailer again, or start typing?? Such a difficult decision!

It was enough excitement having the new Desolation of Smaug trailer released today (ok…at this point only watched it twice). That in itself would be enough to gush in a post and again be excited and again with the planning that dang it this year we will not be cold!! Apparently 1 pair of socks is not enough for waiting for midnight showings in the Northwest.


The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair is in the works

I had completely given up that there would be new Narnia movies. At least ones that continued and weren’t a reboot. AHH. Ahem. Yes, a little excited. We’ll get to see Puddleglum! And I do so hope they get the same kid for Eustace as they had for Voyage of the Dawn Treader, because he was perfect.