30 before 30 – #26 Rook Piercing


I love earrings. You probably already know this. I always have, I think I always will. When I got my last piercing in ’08 I was 100% done and content with the arrangement of jewelry as it was. Then in the last year I started seeing the rook piercing. More adventurous than anything I had…and I really, really liked the look. So it went on the list. And then Griffin Asher surprised me with offering to get me the piercing for my birthday.

I have three piercings in each ear (before the new one), and a small tattoo on my foot. Public Service Announcement: the rook piercing pain level is closer to the tattoo.

As of writing this post I’ve only had this new piercing a few days, but I like it just as much as I thought I would, and really like how it goes with my other earrings. Thanks Griffin!!