End Times

I was listening to a sermon on the end times, which is on my list of least favorite topics. But, it was next in my podcast queue, so I played it while I worked anyway.

The reason I dislike this topic is it is so divisive on something that the details we cannot know exactly the correct interpretation. There is alot we can know and interpret and be aware of what will happen, but the Bible is incredibly clear that we cannot when Christ will return. (See Matthew 24:36)

And isn’t that the most important part? That Christ will return? All the other details, are just that- details. Christ will return, we won’t see it coming, and no one but the Father knows the date.

Which imagine if we actually, truly, knew the time and date when Christ would return. Let’s say it was the last verse in Revelation, with the day and time clearly stated that we could count down to, how would we live differently? And would all our focus be on that day, or on the Savior who was coming? Speaking for myself, I would fixate on the day, especially if it was in my lifetime. I would be calculating ‘well there’s time’ or ‘why bother with something, times almost up’.

Fear is tricky, horrible enemy. And often times when I see an obsession over ‘well, this has happened in the World, means the end times are here!’ it is born from fear. And if not born from fear, fear takes hold. Constantly watching the news, seeing what will happen, trying to piece together how much time is left.

I think we should be careful to not land hard on a ‘side’ in the end times debate when we cannot undeniably know if it is correct. And especially should not use the study of the end times as a reason to live in fear, or tear down fellow believers who have come to a different conclusion about details.