A Home


Whenever I sit down to type up an ad I always have two versions of it in my head. The correct version that is on the sheet in front of me, and the edited version in my head.

If I ever slipped up and typed in the other version, I hope it would sound like this:

Beautiful 4 bed, 2 bath house in desirable neighborhood. Open floor plan, kitchen flows into the dining room, the dining room flows into the living room. Big airy windows in the bedrooms, with deep window sills for plants or lazy cats. The roof has been repaired in the last decade so it stands a fairly good chance of not falling on your head. Sewer has been pumped since the current president took office. A turn-key house if there ever was one. But this is just a house. Walls, and paint, and light fixtures. Carpet that has been maintained…but has seen it’s share of life. It takes that life to transform these walls from a house, just a building and turn it into a home. A place of warmth. Where friends and family walk in the door and the troubles from outside seem a little dimmer, and the future feels a little brighter. More secure. Where laughter and tears are shared. This is just a house, it can be a home.