New Puppy


The last few weeks have been spent integrating this little goof into the household. And learning instagram.


Never Boring…

I had little button quails for a while. Adorable little birds, made the happiest little noises. I gave them back to the friend I got them from because my schedule was too much for me to take proper care of them.

My nutty cat all but ignored the birds.

Then I got my turtle dudes. The cat was fascinated, but quickly got bored.

And then I finally got an algae eater to go in the turtle tank….and the cat has turned into The Great Algae Eater hunter. There is banging and crashing as she runs around the tank, stands on top of it, tries to get the lid off, sees if maybe for the 1000th time the glass isn’t there and she can get at that thing.

*Shakes head*

Animals are Strange.

Yesterday I came home from a particularly long day to a particularly strange sight. I have this ruin, fish tank like statue thing (how is that for descriptive!) in my turtle’s tank. The greatly mature thinking behind it was it looks like my turtles are giants stomping through an ancient city. I looked into their tank yesterday and found one of the turtles balanced on top of one of the ruin pillars, with all four legs stretched out. He was just hanging out. The other one was standing on his back legs, resting his head on the side of a different pillar.

The midget is right– I don’t have any normal animals.

412 Teens: Pet Euthanasia


What Does the Bible Say about Pet Euthanasia?

And a Kickstarter recommendation: In Residence- A Showstring Horror Flick

One of the guys behind this kickstarter I’ve known his family since the dawn of time. They are one of those incredibly talented families, and while horror is not really my thing, I’m sure that what Tim and his friend put together will be a creative movie. If horror is your thing, perhaps this is a project you’d like to support.

Unrelated: I think this is the strangest mixture of topics I’ve had in one post. Ever.