Beliefs in Writing

I have no stomach for debate. I don’t have the energy or type of personality to get into an escalated ‘conversation’ that inevitablity devolves into at least one party trying to trick the other party into looking dumb. Or just raising their voice and sometimes to add flavor, swearing, because obviously whoever talks the loudest or uses the lowest kind of language must be right.

Ahem, I realize not all debates end up like that, but generally, that is not the kind of potential stress I want to add to my day.

There is one lady though, who I genuinely enjoy and appreciate debating with. She challenges me to explain what I mean, and listens to what I have to say and makes it very clear she isn’t just waiting for her turn to shoot me down. She firmly defends her stance from a point of *why* she believes what she believes, not a ‘you are stupid because…’ Whenever I leave after having a conversation with her I feel like I’ve learned something, grown in my understanding of an issue, and generally just have my day made.

A few months ago she challenged me with this question: “All that we do should be to bring glory to God and advance His kingdom. How do you justify writing secular fiction?”

I had an answer, as it was a question (in a different form) I had struggled through and came to a conclusion when it was clear I would finish writing Worlds Collide. I was knee deep in Bible College and deeply convicted that I was not qualified to write a faith system that involved another world and our own. Christ came to save sinners in *our* world, how would you take a fictional setting that takes place in both our world and another planet and place the gospel in it without being disrespectful? I chose for that storyline that I would not address the issue at all.

This topic of being a believer and an artist who is not creating traditional Christian art is one I’ve been thinking over alot. Some have convictions that if you are a believer, your work of fiction should have a clear gospel presentation. And if that is your conviction- write your story that way and make it the best story you can. Unfortunately, so often those stories have the gospel jammed in to make it appear as an after thought and the entire structure and quality of the overall story shatters around it. Who are you going to reach with a shattered story? The only people who will read those stories and take it serious are other believers. AKA- ‘preaching to the choir.’

I came across this quote that stunned me in it’s simplicity and I believe really gets this point across:

“God didn’t print Bible verses on flower petals. The beauty of those petals points to God without an explicit declaration of the plan of salvation. So it is with the art that Christians make. The beauty their art embodies points to God, even if John 3:16 isn’t written on the canvas.” Source

What makes One Realm Beyond exceptional is Donita K Paul’s use of bringing her faith and belief and the church into her writing, without spelling it out for the reader. I am almost finished reading Charity Bishop’s Thornwicke and she also does an amazing job of showing faith without a step by step gospel presentation.

To finish up, I think the Christian artist/writer should have their faith and belief shine through their work. Write the best story you can write, paint the best picture you can. Give God glory by being the best artist you can be.


Complete Collection



My One Realm Beyond arrived and I now have all Donita K Paul’s young adult books!

…And while my library has a warm glow that you could just wrap yourself in, it is terrible for picture taking.

Here is a blog entry where you could win a free signed copy of One Realm Beyond. If that is not enough incentive to click the link, there is also a picture of David Tennant there.


How about sharing some of the those quotes that the midget has been sending me from One Realm Beyond:

“Darling, one should always have weapons at hand. But sometimes a sharp tongue parries an evil intent. A witty retort may stymie an enemy. And best of all, a kind and generous reply can take the wind out of the sails of a foe”

“Coward is not listed among our credentials”

“According to the speaker, this practice of thinking good thoughts would order the rest of your life. As if thinking about daisies would eradicate sewer problems.”

Dragonspell 10 Year Anniversary


A little under a decade ago, a friend of mine contacted me and said “Read this book. You’ll like it.” We all have that friend who when they recommend something, you just say “ok” because they are right 99% of the time over what you’ll like. That’s this friend. So next time I was out at Barnes & Noble I picked up the book.

There is no way any of us could have known what an influence that little book would have made in our lives. Almost ten years later, both my friend, the midget and I have met the author, and the midget works for her. I could write a novella on the events that have happened that are directly related to picking up this book.

Ten years ago Dragonspell by Donita K Paul hit bookshelves, and ten years later Donita K Paul is still writing fantasy stories that make you sit in awe at the imagination on the pages. If you like dragons, fantasy, good stories, great characters, and the most adorable dragons in fiction: pick up these books. You are never too old for a good adventure.

To celebrate the ten year anniversary of Dragonspell there is a giveaway at the official blog:

Dragon Bloggin: DragonSpell 10 Year Anniversary

She has a new sci/fi fantasy book coming out at the end of the month that I pre-ordered and can hardly wait to arrive. (I may have spent time this weekend figuring out how to rearrange by one bookshelf so it would fit.) See the above link for more information.