The Silver Chair…and Reboot?


Source: Pinterest

A few days ago it was revealed that The Silver Chair will be made…but it will be a complete reboot of the series. Brand new.

I read at least one article that said it was ridiculous to call this a reboot considering the series is picking up exactly where it left off. And in The Silver Chair the only character who would be continuing on is Eustace, so there would have to be a whole new cast anyway. Which, this is a pity because the actor who played Eustace in Voyage of the Dawn Treader absolutely nailed the character. I would be pleasantly surprised if they could find a kid who would do as good of a job, but it has been over five years, and that actor probably would be too old now.

I am not holding my breath that this movie will come to be. But here is where my concern is. From the articles I’ve read, it gives the appearance that the reason they are pushing for calling this a reboot is to distance themselves from the original three movies. ‘Look! We’re new! And exciting! We’re totally different.’ Any series has it’s flaws, but the feel of those movies, especially The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe was so *right* that I would be sad if they purposely tried to go a different direction. Or a ‘darker and edgier’ direction just to be different.

The Silver Chair has some dark scenes. (No pun intended) And you could make a movie that would scare little kids if you just followed the book even without giving it a Hobbit treatment. But it also has one of the best scenes in the whole series with Puddleglum declaring how the world is better than anything the Lady of Green Kirtle could come up with. In the feel of the previous three movies? I think they’d do that scene justice. I just hope that in an effort to be ‘new’ they don’t skip the magic.