Welcome to Night Vale

What does a live showing of a podcast look like? Like this.

2015-04-27 21.49.56

And this.

2015-04-27 20.31.07smaller

I had no idea what to expect when we went to the live show of Welcome to Night Vale. We dressed up in our purple best and had a grand time. Or as the Immovable Force put it: “I am tired of laughing.” Because really, we were laughing most of the time. It is such a treat to go the theatre, and a geeky event like this? Even better.

2015-04-27 20.44.24smaller

My favorite thing about Night Vale is how it is so different than any other storytelling I regularly enjoy. There were no props, no visual aids, just the performers and their script.

2015-04-27 21.22.23smaller


And Molly Quinn from Castle was one of the performers, which I had not known before she came on stage.

So yes, if you are enjoying this podcast and you have the opportunity to see this show live- go see it.

2015-04-27 21.56.46smaller