Movies! Catching up!

This post needs to start with the puppy.

2014-07-26 10.41.32smaller


Drool monsters are not amused at busy schedules that don’t leave as much time for them.

Back to the catching up. In the last few months I had the opportunity to write a few movie reviews for 412teens/GQkidz. Which basically translates into I had a legitimate excuse to go out and see the movies I wanted to see as soon as they came out. Here are my reviews:


How to Train Your Dragon 2

The Fault in Our Stars

I’m writing this post on Saturday, and I have plans to see Guardians of the Galaxy Sunday, and I am very curious as to what I’ll think as I’ve heard mixed reviews.

To go back to my blogging roots, I’m going to give a nutshell of this summer in pictures. Going to make this long and just be done with the catching up.

First and foremost was the wedding.


I was honored to the maid of honor in my friend’s wedding. See those flowers? The bride made all of them. And many, many of the decorations.


I am so blessed for Rose’s friendship, she has been one of the greatest blessings of the last five years.



Shortly before the wedding, I went over to see my dear old friend who recently moved only 5 hours away! That is the closest we have lived to each other in 10 years. I was too busy talking to take more than like three pictures.

2014-06-22 16.45.57smaller


And then there was a mad dash, last minute trip to CA, in which I was only there for about 24 hours before driving back up north. Just enough time for a quick Coffee Bean.

2014-06-24 10.52.22smaller

And a visit to the potato museum as we drove back north. Because, why not?

2014-07-02 14.29.02smaller


Going to bookstores with the little cousins. (Who will all be taller then me by next year, I just know. Except the new one! Because he’s only a couple months old.)

2014-07-10 08.33.32smaller

Glacier Park with Laura! Who was out to visit for almost a whole week!!


We drove the Going to the Sun Road. It was amazing, spectacular.

As summer winds down, I’m sure there will be some more little adventures. But even if not, I will call summer 2014 a success.