412 Teens: Pet Euthanasia


What Does the Bible Say about Pet Euthanasia?

And a Kickstarter recommendation: In Residence- A Showstring Horror Flick

One of the guys behind this kickstarter I’ve known his family since the dawn of time. They are one of those incredibly talented families, and while horror is not really my thing, I’m sure that what Tim and his friend put together will be a creative movie. If horror is your thing, perhaps this is a project you’d like to support.

Unrelated: I think this is the strangest mixture of topics I’ve had in one post. Ever.


Oh the horror

“It’s October…Which means slasher flicks, vampires, satanic cults, zombies, giant worms, cabins in the woods, stupid, frisky teenagers, lots of screaming and an unrealistic amount of blood that no human body could actually contain.” -The Midget

My sister over at Inevitably Revised is starting a new series on horror. Being ‘big sister’, I remember when she wouldn’t watch LotR all the way through because it had decapitated heads, now she has become quite the horror fan, and as she does with most things has turned an interest into a fine tuned passion. With this series she means to delve into the horror genre and what exactly ‘horror’ can mean.

“The point of fiction should be to stretch your thinking, and to come up with more questions to find more Biblical answers to and strengthen your faith. Each time you read a story, you are reading someone’s worldview from their heart. This applies to horror as well.” – The Midget

While my personal tastes tend to the most ‘horrific’ horror movie I like is The Mummy or World War Z, I have been learning to appreciate this genre more through her interest. There are good stories to be found here, even amongst some movies which will find me slipping my glasses off for some of the scarier scenes.