Book Review: The Genesis Tree

The final book in the The Tethered World series and I’m still torn over whether this is the best one. At the very least it’s a toss up between this book and the first book.
The Genesis Tree starts out with the threat of the Tethered World being exposed to the world up top. Very quickly things get complicated and our main heroes, Sadie and Brady get separated to go their own paths to help protect their friends and family.
The feel of this final book is very different from the first two. This story hones in all the growth and how far the characters have come so far and then throws a couple unimaginable variables at them. As I was reading the book I kept thinking to myself that I had no clue how the author was going to tie all this up. For the record, none of the versions in my head ended up being correct, but I did guess one of the plot twists. It’s been a while since I have be so much “along for the ride” and didn’t know where it would end up.
While this story clearly showed an ending to a specific chapter in the characters lives, the ending also felt like it could be the launching point to further stories. The Tethered World is too vast to be contained in just three books.
Note: I received this book as an advance pre-reader copy.

Book Review- The Flaming Sword


I will be completely upfront, I did not care for this book as much as the first. It felt like for the first 3/4ths of the book there had been zero growth from the characters, with the exception of Brady. I really enjoyed seeing him step up and the tension between him just about being his own man and still growing up was really well done.

YA and children’s literature are my current favorite genres, but The Flaming Sword was the first time I really had trouble getting through a YA book because I felt like I was too old for it. Maybe this is a sign that it really has been a long time since I’ve been 16…

I will say Heather L.L. FitzGerald’s gargoyles should be the standard for gargoyles in fiction, because those things were the most most vivid portrayal I have ever seen/read of the mythical beasts.

I appreciated the ending, it was a very good set up for the third book while still being fulfilling.

Note: I received this book as an advance pre-reader copy.

Book Review- The Tethered World


Ah this book made me smile. The story telling is seeped in my favorite things. Narnia references throughout, nuanced characters, an exciting new world to explore, The Tethered World took me a while to get through because I was enjoying myself and didn’t want to rush.

Sadie Larcen is one of five siblings, the oldest in a homeschooling family. Her family is the best representation I have ever seen in fiction of a homeschooling family. They take care of each other, they squabble, and the older ones find out they have to rescue their parents from Big Foot.

“What if Myths are Real” is only my favorite writing topics ever. I appreciated the world Heather L.L. FitzGerald built and the heroes that live there and help the Larcen kids. Sadie is an interesting character because she has no interest in fantasy. She is a down to earth girl who likes her life. She doesn’t day dream of far off places, she likes real life thankyouverymuch. Her character was a real treat to see her grow and stretch herself, but she still stays that homebody girl. Sadie would make a good hobbit.

I look forward to seeing a couple of the characters more fleshed out in the next book as I felt they were just along for the ride, teetering on Mcguffin status. The book has a fulfilling end, but leaves enough space to be curious for future adventures.

Note: I received this book as an advance pre-reader copy.