Of Goals and Striving

I am a goal oriented person. I have to be careful because I can get hyper focused on a goal and in the process become not a great friend.

When I did 30 before 30 it was a vivid reminder that I have had the opportunity to do so much and I am so grateful for the opportunities I have had. I’ve achieved things that 12 year old me never would have dreamed. Those four sheets of paper represent the current four Huge Goals I have. The two on the right I know I can achieve given time and effort. Both feel big and scary? But I can work hard and achieve them.

The two on the left are different. I cannot work hard or save up my way into them. If there was  a way, I would have done it. But these aren’t strive until you get there goals. And that is frustrating as we have all had those things. But for me, what I have found is when I strive for those left two goals…I move farther away from the right two. While I try to catch what I cannot seem to figure out it sabotages me for the goals I know I can do.

I have decided to stop striving.

And because I am a visual person, I lit those two sheets of paper on fire. I will no longer try to create situations that will make those two goals come alive. Instead I will take a deep breath, step back, and if those are in God’s plans He’ll have to open the door and likely push me through it. I am going to focus my energy on pursuing those things that I know I am supposed to be pursuing and goodness knows, those are big enough on their own.


Plumb Concert

This happened on Sunday:

2014-09-28 21.57.34smaller

And this:

2014-09-30 20.30.47smaller

Sunday afternoon, after a very nice lunch with friends, the midget, Naomi, and I headed south for a Plumb concert. Now, other than an address, a recently discovered price, and a show start time we knew very little what to expect. We arrived two hours early, easily found a parking spot, and did some investigating. We were informed (along with recommendations of where to go for dinner) that the doors would be open a half hour before the show started, and that was when we’d be paying for admittance.

As I mentioned, we didn’t know what to expect. But this is not what we expected:

2014-09-28 20.43.36smaller

We were in the second row! And…..when we looked behind us the theatre stayed empty. Three artists were playing that evening, (David Dunn, Rhett Walker Band and Plumb) and only about thirty five people showed up to watch them. All the artists were surprised, but professionals, and gave an exceptional performance even to the minuscule group.

2014-09-28 20.46.34smaller

2014-09-28 21.03.32smaller

While we couldn’t help but feel bad for the theatre and the artists at such a small turnout, we benefited from the uniqueness of the opportunity. All of us got all the pictures and autographs we wanted. The Rhett Walker Band and David Dunn were really neat guys (I just don’t have pictures), I had not heard of either of them before. Midget got one of their cds.

Life goal: accomplished. 🙂 As pictured above, I got Plumb’s new book, I look forward to reading it.


Edge of Excitement

Do you ever see the beginnings of a possibility? Something you tried and it looks like it will work, the first glimmers of actuality? And it is so incredibly exciting….then you just sit there. The current level of excitement is so wonderful, that it’s difficult to push more into the unknown. This is comfortable and happy, why keep pushing? This is more than you thought possible!

I find myself sitting in that spot often. Part of it is scary, knowing the work that it will take to go the next step. Fighting through the ‘good enough-itis’. But I want to take advantage of all the opportunities. Which means I should finish up this short post and go finish what I started!