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If you haven’t seen Frozen yet– go see it.

I had zero interest in seeing this movie until the reviews started pouring in, and every friend I know who had seen it loved it and my curiosity was peaked. So the midget, death lady, and I went on Sunday to see what the big deal was about.

We were not disappointed. There is one plot point that I was like ‘whaaa…?’, but other than that this is a visually strong and story strong movie. It will definitely be added to my DVD collection when it comes out, and put right next to Tangled of course.

The midget’s review was summed up like this: “It’s like Disney destroyed all the messages about ‘true love’ they’ve been teaching for the last 50 years!”

I think this movie takes the record for the most sings Disney has crammed into one movie ever. Frozen’s characters don’t react like your typical Disney prince and princess, and the primary story is between the two sisters and their love and caring for each other. This is not often done well, and Frozen does an excellent job.