So, I was just writing on death.

I was answering a kid’s question and breaking down the difference between physical death and spiritual death (and used the term ‘worm food’, because, yes, I am almost 30 years old) and stopped in my tracks at the amazingness of it.

We will all die. (Unless Christ returns first). Our bodies will stop working one day, either from old age, disease, or injury. But those things can only affect our physical bodies. Who we were, the stuff that makes us unique and different, and love and curious….that will never end. Our spirits are eternal. Technically we will never die in the sense of ceasing to exist. And as believers our¬†salvation is sealed.

Whenever I think through this topic I come to the same conclusion that what do we have to fear? Pain and loss in this world will be temporary, as unbearable as it can feel.

This should make me a braver person, and someday it just may. But for now, it’s a good reminder.