A Couple Links

Instead of me writing today, I’d like to direct your attention to these two excellent articles:

Depression & Christianity

If you were near the internet last week, you probably saw at least a handful of blog entries on Robin William’s death. Some of these were tasteful, some were not. Midget’s post is excellent and I highly suggest reading it.

Why Courtship is Fundamentally Flawed

When the I Kissed Dating Goodbye first became a big deal, I knew something about the whole thing bugged me, besides that with courting (as stated in conservative groups I’ve been around) did not allow for a ‘right’ way for my friends who didn’t have a dad in the picture. The author of this article gets a bit sarcastic, and I do not agree with his statement that ‘there is someone for everyone’. But it is still the best article I have read on the topic.