A Picture Summary

The last few months of last year I was pretty much in survival mode. Here are the highlights of that time:

2015-08-22 12.01.45smaller

Near the end of September, my grammy went to to be with the Lord. She was 90 years old, and I will forever be grateful that her decline, while it was a hell week, was only a week. This picture was taken just a couple weeks prior. I don’t think I’ll ever come to a stage where I don’t miss her.

2015-10-11 10.52.39smaller

For my 30th birthday weekend the Courtneys came out, and we conquered corn mazes and it was a great time with friends.

2015-10-12 13.56.29smaller

…And my big ‘finale’ to 30 before 30: going on the seaplane.

Shortly after the midget moved to Colorado to start new adventures. Which I could have sworn I had an artsy picture of packed boxes but apparently I do not. Also I got to meet my dear friend’s new baby in November, who is the most expressive little guy I’ve ever seen.

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I fell behind here, and of course that has nothing to do with the new Heroes of Olympus book that recently came out and I just finished and was excellent.

Someday I will find this perfect mental reading/writing balance, but until then, I find I can only totally focus in my free time on writing or reading and it’s been a reading couple of weeks. And it was my birthday, so that was a distraction as well.

Last week midget and I went also went to an Anberlin concert.

2014-10-15 20.37.22

It probably looks like we got to alot of concerts, given the Plumb one was just a few weeks ago. But this is actually unusual.  I have been to five concerts in my life, and three were in the last year.  That may be why we didn’t entirely enjoy this one…I personally came to the conclusion that this is one artist that is better enjoyed on cd. But, this being their farewell tour, and the opportunity to see them in concert wouldn’t come again, we were glad we went and it was overall a good experience. But if anyone reading this goes to rock/alternative concerts can they explain to me why strobe lights flashing into the audience to the point you can’t even see the stage is necessary? It looked like a space ship was landing.