Slush Pile

….the midget sent me this:

SlushPile Hell

And there were tears I laughed so hard.



Some writers have a cloud of ideas and characters and their biggest problem is they don’t know which one to pick first. They finish one story, put it aside and start on a whole brand new exciting world.

And then there’s writers like me. As most people who read this blog probably know, I have One Idea. One World. One (growing) set of characters. And while I think my world and characters are very good, this is what I’ve worked on my whole life and whenever I look beyond into the vastness of fiction that leaves the confines of that world I see a open nothingness.

Until a couple weeks ago. I woke up and had an idea. This idea had zero connections to my story, my world. This alone was enough to startle me. This has never happened. I went to work, toying with the idea as I drove. And it grew. Before I got home that day the entire story, start to finish was laid out in my mind.

It’s going to be a short story, I knew that right away, and that’s ok. It is also very different from anything I’ve ever written before and breaks one of the rules I had set for myself years ago (but writing rules are meant to be broken, right?). So, I’m excited to finish it. The midget has pre-read what I’ve written so far and she says it’s good.

Writing Process



The Creative Writing Process in Gif Form (profanity warning)

^ This is pretty darn accurate. Except I’ve never mastered the art of an outline. My story planning is wibbly wobbly with little squares of papers with notes on spellings and potential chapter titles.  In school whenever I was required to write an outline, I would write my paper first, then go back and write an outline.

And I have a confession to admit…every review I’ve ever received I still have. In a notebook.

Strange Noises

Periodically there is this…sound coming from the floor beneath me. I have heard it multiple times and I cannot for the life of me figure out what it actually is. Because all my over-fed imagination can come up with is that it sounds like a humpback whale. (hey, I’ve seen The Voyage Home, I know what they sound like!). So, unless the title company recently got a fish tank that has TARDIS like technology to fit a whale into a small space…I know that’s not right. But it makes a good story. Can’t you picture it? Small town title company, seemingly normal with a lobby and coffee available and the best cookies and BAM! back room huge fish tank with humpback whales and an old Scottish guy talking into his mouse.

Life Goal: Accomplished


This happened Sunday.

When a friend texted me last week and told me that Frank Peretti would be the guest speaker at a local church Sunday and ‘thought you may be interested’…to say I was excited would be a drastic understatement. I quickly informed the midget that we would be visiting that church on Sunday! And she was only a little less excited than me.

The Oath was my favorite book for years, and to date the first Cooper Kids book is the only book that when I finished reading, I immediately started reading again. As a child, when I had stories in my head, but no real idea how to get them out onto paper (something I didn’t truly figure out until I was in my early 20s), I just wanted to write like Peretti. I read The Oath multiple times before I entered high school, and this book was the one that my entire junior high read. There would be dares for people to read it while camping.

As I do whenever I meet someone famous…I basically froze up when we went to get our books signed. But he was gracious and patient and really nice person. All three of us got our books signed- all of us The Oath even though we hadn’t told each other what we’d bring! I felt better because midget’s friend froze up as well.

If you ever get a chance to hear Frank Peretti speak- take it. I have never heard some so enthusiastic and animated. You would never have guessed this was a famous author on stage, he had come to speak for the morning sermon- and that is he spoke on. It was all about the amazingness of God. Actually, it was more like this: “ISN’T GOD AMAZING!?  WOW, LOOK AT THIS STORY, IT FITS IN THE WHOLE WORD! IT’S AMAZING!” Because you cannot start to express the enthusiasm without all caps. All caps aren’t enough. He spoke on the road to emmaus (Luke 24:13-30), and went on to talk on how the whole Bible fits together to tell the story of Christ.

Now if there can just be a Plumb concert in the Spokane area I will have seen every artist/author/actor/actress I wanted to see.