Words of Wisdom

2015-10-06 12.24.38

Words of wisdom from your local office printer.





Thank you Windows, that is just what I wanted to see first thing in the morning. Because I totally want to spend a ton of extra money, take two days of my life, and highly caffeinated my sister as she helps me, and install a new operating system and then learn a new operating system. And then because that isn’t fun enough, update my Office.

Strange Noises

Periodically there is this…sound coming from the floor beneath me. I have heard it multiple times and I cannot for the life of me figure out what it actually is. Because all my over-fed imagination can come up with is that it sounds like a humpback whale. (hey, I’ve seen The Voyage Home, I know what they sound like!). So, unless the title company recently got a fish tank that has TARDIS like technology to fit a whale into a small space…I know that’s not right. But it makes a good story. Can’t you picture it? Small town title company, seemingly normal with a lobby and coffee available and the best cookies and BAM! back room huge fish tank with humpback whales and an old Scottish guy talking into his mouse.

The Dumb Phone

I, like most Americans over the age of 12, have a cell phone. It does everything I need it to do. It receives calls, texts, has a somewhat decent in the loosest sense of the word camera, fits in my pocket, and has a picture of my cat as the background. It even has a full keyboard so when my sister and I have full blown theological discussions over text message it takes less time to type out. Because we do not use text speech. Ever. (#homeschoolers)

Here is where my little phone is different. The above list is all it does. It is, by today’s standards a Dumb Phone. And it is fine, it does everything I need it to do. If I upgraded to The Smart Phone, I know it would just mean I have 24/7 access to Pinterest. At this stage in my life, I do not need a smart phone.  I can count all the times on one hand that it was a serious inconvenience to not have a smart phone. I’m normally either at my work or home office, or close enough to a Starbucks that I can use their wifi and logon with my itouch. And there is even….a whole morning once a week where I have no internet or cell reception.

And yet, I have found myself at the office hiding my little old phone in my pocket and keeping my itouch sitting out. Because it looks like an iPhone. And because I am the only one sitting in the meeting without a smart phone. This has only happened twice. But, that is enough to proof peer pressure is alive and well and does not end in high school. Even unspoken peer pressure, the desire to not appear ‘behind the times’ is strong…but for now the desire to save money on my monthly cellphone bill is stronger.