30 before 30- #23 Newcastle

2015-09-10 18.10.45

You will always find at least one of these in my family’s refrigerator. This has been true for as long as I can remember. Grandma and Grandpa did love to split a Newcastle. It was time to finally try one.

One of the things I have come to the conclusion in the last couple years is that I just do not like alcohol. Some mixed drinks are fun, but it’s because I can hardly taste the alcohol and I never finish one so I always end up thinking why did I spend money on this when I could have gotten a coke. Newcastle I would categorize as one of the less offensive tasting drinks I have tried, but still not a fan.


30 before 30 – #22 The Blair Witch Project


Two biggest things that stood out to me: 1) how dated it felt even though it just came out in 1999 and 2) how genuinely creepy it was. I was sucked into the story within the first few minutes. Further proof that the really creepy stories are those of what you can’t see.

30 before 30 – #21 Sewing Machine

This one didn’t turn out quite how I expected…mostly because mom and I found out the pedal to her sewing machine was missing. (It has since been found.) But we did sit down and mom explained piece by piece how the sewing machine worked and while watching her experienced the fingers thread the bobbin did look a bit like sorcery I now understand how the thing works. Now that the missing pedal has been found we have plans to sit down with some mending and we’ll see if I actually understand how the machine works!

30 before 30- #20 Jaws


Yes, these last two 30 before 30 are a theme.

For this movie, I decided to just to Hastings and see if I could get a used copy for cheap and if I didn’t like it I would give it to dad. I was able to find a cheap copy (and the Silence and Vashta Nerada figurines but that’s not relevant) and the midget, mom, and I sat down to watch the original shark attack movie.

Don’t be me, don’t wait so long to see Jaws. I had a lot of fun, and did not know until the midget made a comment that this was Spielberg’s second film. The biggest surprise for me was how well the practical effects stood up to time. I expected the shark to look pretty cheesy, but it made us jump a few times. I’m glad I just went for it and bought the movie.

30 before 30 – #19 Backdraft


One of my favorite places to go as a child was Universal Studios in Hollywood. It’s still a favorite now, but it was especially exciting when I was little. I loved the tram tour and the Back to the Future ride. I would do 2 days worth of homework in advance so I could go with dad when company was in town. Or go whenever I had the chance. But there was always an internal struggle, because I knew ‘the price’. I would have to survive the Jaws part of the tram and go to the Backdraft experience/show.

Jaws…while scary, wasn’t as bad because half the time the shark didn’t even work. But Backdraft always worked– and scared the living daylights out of me. Every. Single. Time.

Let me explain this experience. First you stand in the big line. Then enter the first room that explains how the movie was made. Then you enter another room, stand on a platform and the room in front of you is set on fire. Because standing in a room while it is set on fire isn’t quite enough to be terrifying…part way through your experience, the floor drops a few inches beneath your feet.

All I knew going into the movie was that someone dies at the end and it was a big deal. And I didn’t expect the movie to be so boring. I was checking the time multiple times to see if it was over yet. The movie, in my opinion, was forgettable..unlike the live version at Universal Studios.

30 before 30 – #18 The Shawshank Redemption


This is an exceptionally well crafted movie, and I’ve found that as I let some time go past since I watched it I have little to add to those thoughts. I can see why it is considered such a big deal. I did however appreciate knowing before hand how it ended; I don’t think I would have enjoyed it as much as I did if I hadn’t known it had a good ending.

30 before 30 – #17 Skinny Jeans

I specifically wrote down that I only need to try on skinny jeans, I did not need to buy a pair to considered this one fulfilled.  And that I would give it a serious go as in try on different sizes until I found one that fit.

2015-08-07 17.56.54SMALL


And the proof of success. This ended up being a bit more of an adventure than I intended as I dodged the noodles that were on the ground.

Having tried a few pairs on, I’m still going to stick to my boot cut jeans. As much as the ability to easily tuck my jeans into my boots is tempting…I just did not care for how these looked enough to add skinny jeans to my wardrobe.