Bishop’s Castle



Bishops Castle. Tucked away from civilization there is this:

2016-02-13 13.28.29SMALL

It’s strange enough to find a castle in Colorado. But this one goes above and beyond in unique.

2016-02-13 13.29.06SMALL

2016-02-13 13.39.43SMALL

2016-02-13 13.40.23SMALL

See that spire? The one that looks like it would sway in the small breeze and if you looked at it wrong you’d fall down? Yep…our group went up that. Correction: I went to right below the spire and took pictures of other people who went up it. I have bad enough history with fall down stuff without testing fate.

2016-02-13 13.45.08SMALL

If you’re going to build a castle, you might as well do it right and include a dragon.

2016-02-13 14.03.04SMALL

This crazy dome thing I did go up to. And it also swayed in the wind. This whole castle is built by one guy and there are virtually no safety features.

2016-02-13 13.33.49SMALL

2016-02-13 14.37.06SMALL

2016-02-13 14.37.09SMALL

This is my favorite picture.

2016-02-13 13.59.44SMALL

I thought this looked like a huge mailbox shoved on the side of the castle.

2016-02-13 13.51.39SMALL

So many stairs….

2016-02-13 13.37.08SMALL

Looking down not recommended, as there is nothing but air and mud.

2016-02-13 13.26.21SMALL



3 thoughts on “Bishop’s Castle”

    1. Ha! I tried to get a picture of all the signs, that one turned out the best. In short- the builder is not a fan of the government. And he says so with all the signs. Basically the signs are like ‘It’s stupid laws that make me post these signs’, ‘there is no such thing is a good administration’. I am told that usually he’s there and you can hear him ranting in person.

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