Oh Look, Water in Colorado

I recently spent a bit of time in Colorado. The friends I were with knew I liked water…so we went in search of water.2016-02-06 16.35.42SMALL

Here is a frozen lake, and in the distance, a dam. We were walking on the frozen lake, which even though I knew was frozen solid and that we were at 9,000ft still was a bit scary.

2016-02-06 16.36.57SMALL

2016-02-06 16.38.20SMALL

2016-02-06 16.40.17SMALL

An ice fishing hole! Seeing how deep the fishing hole had to been helped diminish my hesitancy in walking on the lake.

2016-02-09 15.41.56SMALL

Word of advice: if visiting Manitou Springs in the dead of winter, many things may be closed.

2016-02-09 16.29.25SMALL


6 thoughts on “Oh Look, Water in Colorado”

  1. So that is what that hole was! Ice fishing is such a foreign concept to me that I couldn’t make out what it was except visually captivating. Haha.

    Colorado looks beautiful. The vivacity of blue skies against the pallor of winter’s snow and dormant trees – such a fun contrast.

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