30 before 30 – #30 Turduchen

2015-10-03 16.43.42

This one’s Amber’s fault.

Trying a turduchen was on my original version of the 30 before 30 list. Amber makes her own, but I know my cooking skills…that wasn’t going to happen. I bumped this off the list because I could not find a local place that one sell one. Last week I was out with mom and looking for garlic bread and stumbled across it! I was more than a little excited.

Mom and I ended up throwing an impromptu dinner party around having the turduchen…and this thing has 12 servings, we needed more people.

2015-10-03 17.49.59

Fancy dinner= time to use the blue willow dishes. Unless it’s holiday specific, because then my mother has dishes to match the holiday.

2015-10-03 20.03.41

Although we never did figure out which side was the top of the turduchen, it came out perfectly. At least that box version? Simplest thing ever to make, and delicious. Followed by cherry pie and coffee, we had a lovely evening.

When I started putting together my 30 before 30 list I could not come up with 30 items. I needed outside help to fill out. Now that I’m finished? I have an overflow of items to try at a later date. Which makes me happy, this chapter is done, but there are new adventures to be had, things to try, movies to see, books to read…


3 thoughts on “30 before 30 – #30 Turduchen”

  1. It’s on of my favorite thinks to make for thanksgiving. One of my brothers refuses to eat it because his favorite animal is the duck XD He’ll eat plain turkey though, lol!

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