30 before 30- #20 Jaws


Yes, these last two 30 before 30 are a theme.

For this movie, I decided to just to Hastings and see if I could get a used copy for cheap and if I didn’t like it I would give it to dad. I was able to find a cheap copy (and the Silence and Vashta Nerada figurines but that’s not relevant) and the midget, mom, and I sat down to watch the original shark attack movie.

Don’t be me, don’t wait so long to see Jaws. I had a lot of fun, and did not know until the midget made a comment that this was Spielberg’s second film. The biggest surprise for me was how well the practical effects stood up to time. I expected the shark to look pretty cheesy, but it made us jump a few times. I’m glad I just went for it and bought the movie.


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