30 before 30 – #17 Skinny Jeans

I specifically wrote down that I only need to try on skinny jeans, I did not need to buy a pair to considered this one fulfilled.  And that I would give it a serious go as in try on different sizes until I found one that fit.

2015-08-07 17.56.54SMALL


And the proof of success. This ended up being a bit more of an adventure than I intended as I dodged the noodles that were on the ground.

Having tried a few pairs on, I’m still going to stick to my boot cut jeans. As much as the ability to easily tuck my jeans into my boots is tempting…I just did not care for how these looked enough to add skinny jeans to my wardrobe.


6 thoughts on “30 before 30 – #17 Skinny Jeans”

  1. I think they look cute on you! Target jeans fit me kinda funny. I wonder if you brave a few more stores if you’d find a skinny jean you absolutely love. There is something new out called the “Modern Bootcut.” It’s not as flared but not nearly as hugging as skinny jeans. I think you’d really like that cut. 🙂

    I actually enjoy skinny jeans even though my body type is far from! The trick for me is to find skinny “jeggings” not jeans that have a little more stretch but are a bit thinner jean material.

  2. I think you should embrace the skinny jeans. I swore I wouldn’t get a pair, and then I did and they are my favorite kind of jeans. Not just with boots but also to roll up the bottoms and wear with flats or Toms or sandals. And they look super cute on you. 🙂

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