Of Having Thick Hair


Source: Pinterest

This is all so true. When my hair was long, I could be out in single digit temperatures with just my hair down and I did not need a scarf. And styling it? HA. It will do it’s own thing. I have limited say in the outcome. As Laura once said, it ‘evolves’ throughout the day. As for how long it takes the dry? I wash it every evening…and there are many days that it never completely dries.



2 thoughts on “Of Having Thick Hair”

  1. You still have the prettiest curls I know!

    I don’t personally consider my hair thick but I know it technically is because I get that from the hairdresser too. Haha. But in my case, because it’s stick straight and on the finer side, instead of being a poof monster, it’s an oil monster. It magically gets greasy as soon as my hair finally dries. Which is why the slow drying is a plus. Haha.

  2. I’ll trade you. You can have my thin, limp, super fine hair, which never holds any style, which will never give me a ponytail larger in diameter than a dime, which all hair clips slide out of, and which also sheds everywhere. =P

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