Long Beach, WA

I’ve been to Long Beach, CA a few times. Normally to go to the Long Beach Aquarium. Long Beach, WA is very different.

2015-05-01 17.49.25smaller

This picture is deceiving. You cannot see the thousands of jelly fish that have washed up on the shore. Like- we only stuck a toe in the water because so many jelly fish. And it was cold.

2015-05-01 17.51.14smaller


A close up of one of the Velella velella.

2015-05-01 18.11.27smaller

2015-05-01 17.49.44smaller

The birthday girl and me. Did I mention it was cold?

2015-05-01 17.48.14smaller


(This is exciting, I haven’t done one of these here’s all the pictures posts in far too long!)

2015-05-02 20.16.13smaller

2015-05-02 20.13.07smaller

2015-05-02 20.19.50smaller

2015-05-02 11.02.35smaller

It is no fun if you don’t stop at the tourist shop with the alligator man mummy creature thing.


2015-05-02 13.05.13smaller


We were fortunate that it was beautiful days the whole time we were there…still cold, but blue skies.


2015-05-02 13.11.23smaller

2015-05-02 14.20.03smaller



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