Modesty Debate

I just want to take this space and make a list of what I have found to be the best articles in the on-going modesty debate. I will hopefully add to this list as I come across worthy articles.

When Suits Become a Stumbling Block- A Plea to my Brothers in Christ Satire and one of the greatest things to hit the internet.

‘Christian Cleavage’ Probably isn’t the Problem This one was actually what prompted me to put this list together, I found it to be a great summary.

A Dad’s Perspective: Why I tell my Daughters to Dress Modestly A dad with daughters weighing in on the topic, as the title says, and well worth your time.

I Am Not a Sex-Fueled Robot Strictly speaking, slightly off the topic, but still very relevant. A note to be aware of: this writer does use profanity in other blog posts.




3 thoughts on “Modesty Debate”

  1. I laughed at the suit article … but some part of it is true. I can be completely non-attracted to a man until he turns up in a suit and then bam, wow, is he ever attractive. Half my attraction to certain characters on television is due to them wearing suits and looking professional. It’s sexy to me. For whatever reason, it is. Tailoring makes anyone look fabulous.

    But those suits are modest. It’s my responsibility not to allow attraction to turn into lust. Sometimes I fail. Sometimes I don’t.

    Modesty. I never wear anything that makes me uncomfortable or that might make other people uncomfortable. That’s it. I don’t wear anything that society perceives as slutty or that I feel uncovered in. I once wore a low necked shirt to dinner with a guy (I just threw it on without a second thought) and felt uncomfortable, because I kept having to pull on the back of it to bring up the neckline, since otherwise he would have had a bird’s eye view.

    I’m actually coming up with a costume for Comic Con and … am waffling, because my demand for authenticity requires it look like the one in the movie — but the movie dress has no back, and I don’t want to be a) uncomfortable in it and b) immodest. I might leave the cut-out out.

  2. I wear what I feel comfortable in, and I will take into account what others may think of what I am wearing, but will make my own decision. I think it comes down to responsibility, I am responsible for myself, not for others perception of me. And sometimes, theres no making other people happy, no matter how hard you try, and that’s why I don’t put the pressure on myself to make sure others are not uncomfortable around me.

    Oo, what costume, if I may ask? I enjoyed looking at all the costumes at Comic Con, but never dressed up!

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