30 Before 30 – #4 Investment Item

The full title to this one was’Buy one uncomfortably expensive investment outfit/accessory’ which is a little long to fit in the subject bar. Strictly speaking, I was cheating on this because the item was 70% off, but I’m counting the whole shopping trip which was definitely uncomfortably expensive, but a good investment. Fitting with what I knew I’d like life long, a pair of nicer than Claire’s earrings are now mine.

…And because I couldn’t get a good picture of them, here is a picture of the little monster instead:

2015-01-17 17.30.28smaller


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Heidi Joelle

I identify myself as a storyteller. Sometimes I sound more like Nemo's dad from Finding Nemo, but sometimes the story tells itself and is beautiful.Thank you for stopping by. Sincerely, Heidi Joelle

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