30 before 30- #3 Blade Runner


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I was having a terrible time filling out my 30 before 30 list, so I ‘cheated’ and added a few movies and books I’ve been meaning to get around to. The first One I’ve gotten to is Blade Runner. This is my summary of that movie:

What just happened?

I had absorbed over the years the basic storyline of the movie, so I had a pretty good idea of the overarching story. But I spent most of the movie perplexed at what exactly was happening at that moment. While I was lost on the details of the story I enjoyed seeing another version of the not to distant future that the not too distant past had.  It struck me while watching this movie that most of the stories I’ve read/seen that at the time of writing took place in the next 30-50 years(ish) have a very bleak view of the future. Off the top of my head the only ones I could think of that didn’t have a greyscale version of the future (for our planet specifically) was Star Trek and Back to the Future II.

Starting to make progress on the list!


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