30 Before 30 – #2 Lottery Ticket

2015-01-10 10.07.12


I am not a gambler. Or a risk taker. Or daring. I went to the casino once with my mom- because in a past life she did like to gamble- and I had more enjoyment trying to get the little ticket to print to say I had exactly one cent left so I could put it in my scrapbook then the actually gambling. (And this was after I used up a dollars worth of nickels in the machine).

So when I wanted to tackle this item on my list I had very little idea even where to go to find a lottery ticket. Even though mom had liked to gamble when she was younger, she was as much in the dark as me. We parked our hardcore minivan between the grocery store and the  drug store thinking one of these places would probably have them. I had vague memories of seeing a machine in the grocery store and I was right. Mom and I stood before the thing and fed it a dollar. Out spit the ticket. Then we probably were there a good few minutes after scratching it trying to figure out how to scan it back into the machine (because I doubled what I had put in)….we never could get it to scan back in. Mom suggested asking for help, and we did. The lady was very helpful and told us how to use the machine for ‘next time’.

It was an experience, and one which there probably won’t be a next time for me, but it was exciting to check item #2 off my list!



  1. Scratchers are the only form of gambling that I find fun! I will only do so if the mood strikes which isn’t often. I think I won $25 one time. We took Josh’s brother to get one as part of his 18th birthday surprise and it made him feel very “grown up.”

    I think trying a slot machine will be on my 30 before 30. 🙂

    1. I enjoyed using a slot machine. I had $2 and used the penny machines. I was under the assumption that most casinos have a smoking and non-smoking section since the one I did the slots in had it. As far as I can tell regarding the noise is that never goes away. And deters me from really ever wanting to go back, lol!

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