Two Renegade Realms – Review


I’ve been trying to figure out how I will write this review since I finished the book. The struggle isn’t in deciding if I liked it- I did. And I will reread it. Where I’m stuck is Two Renegade Realms, while having a very clear start and finish, feels so much like the middle of a story. I turned the last page and thought ‘well yes, but what happens next?’It doesn’t feel fitting and right to give a review now, because the story doesn’t feel over yet!

That said, I will try. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel. I enjoy how thoroughly different the world is for our heroes– yet how alike. Donita K Paul has a rare gift for dropping in truths that subtly seep into the pages without being over coming the story with a sense of ‘And Now I will Teach You Something’.

Oftentimes fantasy is an escape. Sometimes that escape can lead to looking upon your own life and everything feeling grey. I think I figured out what makes Donita K Paul’s books different. And actually, when I was younger, it was something that annoyed me. In all of her books the characters will stop and have a meal. Attention is paid to meals, clothing, care for others. I remember reading one of her books and the characters are just about to save the day!….and they stop and have a picnic. When I first read it I was gesturing on the inside ‘they’re right there! Why are you waiting!?’. But now I think I understand. The real magic isn’t in a dragon that can turn into a ball of yarn, but in sitting with friends and enjoying a meal. In delighting in new lace for a skirt. Small moments shared with those around you. And that is why these books are so good.

But seriously, the next one needs to come out soon because I want to know what happens next.


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