30 before 30- #1 Moleskin Notebook

I got into my head that I want to try/experience 30 new things before I’m 30. This has been harder than I thought it would be coming up with 30 things, and I am still working on this list. I decided right away that I was going to leave huge things off this particular list, because I want to enjoy this challenge and not stress out over it.

#1- Moleskin Notebook

2014-10-26 18.45.28

I have wondered since I was little what was the big deals with those expensive, wrapped notebooks that were normally in their own display. Why were they special? Why did they cost so much more than any other notebook? Were they actually made of dead moles? The last one I figured out, but I still didn’t understand what was the big deal. So while I was out on my birthday I finally bought one. A medium sized one because it may have been my birthday, but I’m not that extravagant to get a large one as an experiment.

The midget and I sat in the car and opened it.And read the history of the moleskin that was tucked inside. ….My conclusion? Good marketing. It’s a notebook. Even with the blank on the first page to fill in what kind of reward one would offer if their moleskin was lost, I still don’t see what is exceptional about this little pad of paper. I expect to fill it with quotes and passing notes back and forth commenting on the sermon with the midget, but now that my curiosity is satisfied I don’t see me buying another.


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Heidi Joelle

I identify myself as a storyteller. Sometimes I sound more like Nemo's dad from Finding Nemo, but sometimes the story tells itself and is beautiful.Thank you for stopping by. Sincerely, Heidi Joelle

One thought on “30 before 30- #1 Moleskin Notebook”

  1. My sentiments are similar on the blank and lined books, however their planners are quite nifty – they are thin enough to travel well in a tote or purse, have an elastic to keep pages from flailing, and have a handy pouch for whatnots like tickets, to-do lists, and receipts. Every other page is a blank lined page so you can jot down quotes, lists, thoughts, or expenses for that week. Ample room for a small book. The durability is also a plus. Excited to see other “30” items.

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