Book Review- The Sunken by S C Green


Be aware- this is not a book you can casually read. I found out very quickly that if I wasn’t paying attention for a paragraph or two, I would not understand what is going on. The author throws you into alternate version of London so thoroughly, and so swiftly, that I would say this is both a positive and a negative. Positive in that my attention is entirely in her story, negative that at the beginning I had a bit trouble understanding the world the characters were in.

The author has built a complex and engaging alternate timeline, and I was fascinated. The country has outlawed Christianity, and now there are engineering religions. Science and religion has merged, and I thought the handling of the topic was tastefully done.

I cannot remember the last time I read a book and I was so uncertain on who was a ‘good guy’. I would electronically turn one more page because I needed to know who was telling the truth and who was letting the power get to their head! Upon finishing the book I sat back and realized, for the main characters, I would argue there was no character development. Instead, the author establishes from the beginning the kind of men the main characters are, and throughout the book you see them react to situations based on their nature.

The Sunken is an intelligently written book with dragons, a mad king, a blind physician, and zombie like creatures all set in a steampunk world. The only thing I found disappointing was the female characters were shadows of characters. I hope to see them further fleshed out in later books. While I am left wondering if one of my theories was correct, the book has a solid ending and I look forward to the next in the series.

Note: I received this book as an advance pre-reader copy.


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