I want to talk about tl;dr.

When did this become a thing? I started seeing it, looked up what it meant, and shrugged and moved on with life. But recently I’ve been seeing comments on blogs that start with ‘tl;dr’….and then proceed to write a couple paragraphs in response. I may be old fashioned, but how can you respond to something unless you know what the person is saying? What am I missing here?

I’ll admit, I don’t read everything on my feed. Or in detail that my friends write. But when I’m in a hurry and I don’t read a friend’s 1000+ word thesis on their favorite topic, I don’t comment with my thoughts. If I’m not going to going to the give the author my time to read what they took the time to write, why would I write a response based purely on the title and maybe a skimming of this first paragraphy? This trend of ‘this is what I think! But I won’t take the time to read what you actually said because what I have to say is more important!’ is not helping in adding to the reputation of the internet that people behave differently online than they would in person.

My two cents for this Wednesday morning.



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