Guardians of the Galaxy Mini-Review


I enjoyed this movie. To me it felt like a mix of old Original Series Star Trek and Firefly. It was visually fun to look, and I really enjoyed Groot. Basically, the movie was worth it for Groot. Do I think it was the greatest Marvel movie to date? No, but it was very enjoyable.

It was too bad though, that Karen Gillian’s character, even being blue and bald- was basically Amy Pond. Throughout the whole movie, she still acted like Amy Pond on a bad day. And Quill is basically a Captain Kirk.

Source- Yahoo Movies


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Heidi Joelle

I identify myself as a storyteller. Sometimes I sound more like Nemo's dad from Finding Nemo, but sometimes the story tells itself and is beautiful.Thank you for stopping by. Sincerely, Heidi Joelle

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