Plus Sizes

Sunday, a couple friends and I embarked on a serious shopping day. One of those where the drive clears out the trunk in case we need the extra room. And we ended up needing that room, it was a very successful day, and on my part, all things which I’d been needing….well except for those Doctor Who pins.

I rarely go shopping, and even more rare that I make it to the mall. There are so many more stores that cater to plus sizes than when I was in highschool. All four of us are very different builds and sizes so we went into a variety of stores.

All this shopping and trying on items got me thinking about plus sizes. And why the heck did they ever become a thing? Why aren’t they just all ‘sizes’? I hadn’t thought of it before, because if you are working with a ‘small, medium, large’ type sizing, that does make sense to me that to go beyond that you’d need an extra small or extra large. But when you are dealing in numbers, who decided that everything above a size 12 was ‘plus’. Why is this necessary to draw this line in the sand dividing women into two catagories- those who fit in a size 0-12, and those who fit into sizes larger.

I think what annoys me is the dividing, and it’s not an equal divide. If a store carries a size bigger than a 12 and if it’s the same styles as the smaller sizes….it’s often in it’s own little corner, a fraction of the size of the rest of the women’s department. As if it’s only a small fraction of women who need a bigger than a 12, and those women should take what they can get.

I read once, I don’t know if this is still true, that the average size for a woman in the US is a size 10. Then why is it only 1-2 sizes away before you can’t shop in the same section, you might not find the same selection, and you will most likely be spending more?

(SIDE NOTE: Dear world, Please do not respond to this issue by shaming thin girls. You are just making the problem worse. Some girls are small, just as some are larger. This does not mean they are automatically unhealthy. /note.)

Why do we as a society constantly have to shame women for their size? Your jean size should just be a number. A convenient tool so that you can go into a store and have an idea of what size you will fit in. It should not be a judgement, should not a deciding factor of which part of the ladies department you get to shop in. If you can even shop in that store.

It was encouraging when we were shopping that there are so many stores that now carry lovely clothing in larger sizes. And while now I don’t fit into the smallest sizes in these plus size stores, I’m glad they exist. I wish there wasn’t a need for these plus size stores, because I was a young teen girl, I wanted to shop where my friends shopped. All my friends at that time in my life were no bigger than a size 4. They were not anorexic, or sick, they are just smaller ladies. We could not shop in the same place. And that should not be.


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Heidi Joelle

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5 thoughts on “Plus Sizes”

  1. Since the majority of women aren’t tiny I think you’re right …. May as well blend all the store sizes together. I also think they’ve messed with the sizing a lot. Renaming sizes — my tiny great grandma was a larger size in 1950 than I am now! When did they start renaming sizes?

    1. That would be interesting to find out, when they started changing the sizes. I’ve also seen older items being an unpredictable size compared to something I could get new.

      1. I think they’ve changed sizing around in recent years — making sizes smaller than before (ie, if you were a 12 earlier, now you’re a 10). It’s annoying, since I never know store to store which size pants to try on. 😛

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