Days like yesterday I love having animals. It’s like after a long day of fighting with technology here is something that is just squishy. And wants dinner.

This week has also seen a lot of stuffing envelopes, so I have been continuing working my way through my podcast queue. I’ve finished Welcome to Night Vale and the sermons from my home church (well, at least until there are new ones), so I started on the sermons from a friend’s church. She recommended it to me because she thought I would really like her church, but she lives too far for me to visit her church, so podcast it is!

And while she was right, I am thoroughly enjoying the messages her pastor is teaching, that is not what is sticking out to me the most. The church is located in Los Angeles, and even if you sat down to listen to these sermons and hadn’t read the title, you could guess where the pastor is preaching. I’m also reading a theology book that was written in 1930 and the tone is one that you can tell this book was written after World War I and before World War II. Both the podcasts and the book have more to say than their place in the world or history, they are teaching excellent theology, but both are so much richer when taken in context to where/when they were written/spoken.

Some of the most amazing experiences of my life have been opportunities to see fellow believers worshiping in other parts of the world, or even locally but from a different style of worship. I hope I never lose the feeling of amazement that we are all worshiping the same Lord.


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