Day of the Doctor


(Picture taken by Rose)

Saturday we just made a day of seeing All The Things(!). Midget and I are started with Catching Fire. Of which all I really have to say is bravo. I thoroughly enjoyed the books, and I think these movies so far are excellent adaptations. I look forward to the next movie, and hope my cousin’s little girl wants to see Catching Fire again in the discount theatre in the upcoming weeks so I have an excuse to go see it again…

Day of the Doctor. Armed with more popcorn than the eight people who were present could consume, we all watched the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special on my dad’s big screen. I have decided I really liked it, and my biggest surprise? John Hurt makes an excellent Doctor. It was great to see Tennant again.

Next up, Desolation of Smaug!



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Heidi Joelle

I identify myself as a storyteller. Sometimes I sound more like Nemo's dad from Finding Nemo, but sometimes the story tells itself and is beautiful.Thank you for stopping by. Sincerely, Heidi Joelle

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