Welcome to Night Vale & Almost Human

The last couple weeks at the office have seen significant chunks of time where I am clearing out spam email from the worse email provider ever (really, seriously, how does this company stay in business!? ahem) and stuffing envelopes. Normally I spend this time plugged into headphones in one ear listening to a sermon and the other ear keeping aware if someone is at the door.

Recently I decided to get adventurous and check out podcasts, and a fb friend posted that they liked ‘Welcome to Night Vale’, so I decided to check it out. …This afternoon I finished all the episodes.

This is a such a strange, morbid, creepy, and hilarious series. I caught myself more than a few times snickering while at the office, appreciating that probably no one heard me. The storytelling is definitely written from a worldview that is not my own, which is the best way I could think of describing it.  I would give it a PG-13 rating. And it is just odd…there are loose story threads throughout the series, but for the most part it’s just random. I found it to be a pleasantly creepy distraction while stuffing many, many envelopes.

In other fiction: Almost Human. So…it’s basically Fringe with robots and McCoy. I can appreciate that. While not as purely *fun* as Agents of Shield, I think it has potential to be a good story.


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