Encouraging one another

Yesterday I read this post. I had two immediate thoughts, one was that I end up reading alot of blog posts that I am not the target audience. Two, was that what they were writing about is a great reminder for all us.

“The woman whose husband is gone for an overnight business trip has no idea what it’s like for the woman whose husband is gone for a week at a time.  The woman whose husband is gone for a week at a time has no idea what it’s like for the woman whose husband is gone for 5 weeks at a time (our longest separation so far).  The woman whose husband is gone for 5 weeks has no idea what it’s like for the woman whose husband is gone for a year.  But no one should roll their eyes at the person who has gone through “less” than what you have.  It all comes down to “Rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep.” – Bonnie (Emphasis mine)

I would add to Bonnie’s post that the woman who was married young has no idea what it is like to be an older single and not know if there will ever be a husband to miss. I admit and confess, that once when I heard a friend comment how awful it was that her husband was gone overnight, my heart, instead of wanting to be an encouragement to my friend, instantly jumped to ‘well, at least you have someone to miss.’

We all have different lives and trials and burdens. And they are completely incomparable.  Even if I could make a chart of where I fit in my friend’s lives of who had it the hardest or easiest, exactly what would that accomplish? Certainly not help me to be an encouragement and lift up that friend in her (or his) time of need. It would most certainly not help with a problem of pride!

Regardless of where you are in life, you can always find someone who has it more difficult, and someone who has it easier. Instead of putting other people’s struggles on a value scale, focus on how you can be the best friend you can be to that person in their time of need. And in your time of need? Don’t worry that it’s ‘not big enough’ as a friend’s, if that person cares for you, they will care for you even if your need is perceived as ‘small’. Because it’s you who they find important.


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Heidi Joelle

I identify myself as a storyteller. Sometimes I sound more like Nemo's dad from Finding Nemo, but sometimes the story tells itself and is beautiful.Thank you for stopping by. Sincerely, Heidi Joelle

5 thoughts on “Encouraging one another”

  1. What a great post! So true! I often think that it’s next to impossible to compare hardships and challenges simply because each person’s life is so different and unique.

  2. Wonderful thoughts. You raise very, very good points. I think that this is true in all areas…..relationships, parenting, finances, etc. I love what you said about being a friend rather than rating things on a value scale.

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