Thor: The Dark World


thor2“When your online friends meet your real life friends”


The first Thor movie really was not good. But I am glad it exists solely because that meme came out of it.

Thor: The Dark World, was better. Still not a great movie, but better and most importantly: thoroughly enjoyable. It doesn’t seem to take itself terribly serious, and that is why midget and I enjoyed it. And for the fact that Darcy is an awesome character.



  1. Thank goodness, someone else who thinks the first movie wasn’t that great! I only saw it once, and found it incredibly lame. But I hear I need to see this one — just for Loki. 😀

  2. It was terrible!! Though, when you know it’s just cheesy and you go back and rewatch it I find it much more enjoyable. I don’t know why I got it into my head I wanted to give the movie a second chance, but I did and enjoyed it after I wasn’t expecting a great movie.

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